Monday, 1 January 2018

My published articles 2017 - a roundup

For Niall completists...

"Seeking God in the Lord of the Rings" in the Scottish Catholic Observer, 10/03/17

- Why Catholics continue to be inspired by Tolkien's epic trilogy

"Escape from the madding crowd", also in the SCO, 28/04/17

- Do we need a theology of the moment?

"Why modern Christians need cathedrals" in the Catholic Herald, 18/05/17 (£)

- Christian architecture still matters.

"Illiberal Democracy" in the SCO, 23/06/17

- What the resignation of Tim Farron tells us about the prospects for Christians in politics

"How modern architects ripped society apart" in the Herald, 20/07/17

- Post-war town planning has been a spiritual disaster but recovery may be coming.

"Adapting well-loved books to the screen is a minefield, but we should expect better" in The Irish Catholic, 09/11/17

- Why were the Hobbit films so utterly terrible?

"The triumph of the non-apology" in the Herald, 29/11/17 (£)

- Can Christians rescue the proper apology?

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