Friday, 18 April 2014

Some Facts I Didn't Know

That man who cut me up today,
that bloody fool who missed the signs
and blocked my lane. You heard me say
some pretty clever, cutting lines
about this total stranger who
had made a small mistake, which I
of course would never ever do;
I'm such a nice and careful guy.

He made another one last year
amid a war’s relentless noise,
which I would never dare go near
(it’s fine though – I support Our Boys).
A moment’s lapse but long enough
to cost a comrade’s legs, and now
each Sunday afternoon this tough
and hardened man fulfils a vow.

Come what may he makes the drive,
a hundred mile round trip. To spend
the time and push the chair and strive
to be a normal happy friend.
He hates to show up late, which caused
his minor error made in haste.
But why should I have thought to pause?
It's every man for himself, this race.

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